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Let it flow…

Posted by marygavigan on July 7, 2017
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First impressions really can make a dfference to a buyers perception and can have a big impression on the final sale price. Think of the viewing jouney through your home. Does it flow? What we mean by ‘flow’ is that feeling of walking through the home without disturbance; this could be visual such as bokd mismatched colours or obstructions like vacuum cleaners or furniture that is too big for the space, all of which affect the pathway through a room. Ensure that you attract offers by making the transition from room to room easy. Keep the base colours between rooms similar, for example, a neutral tone such as pale grey or cream, finished off by dotting accessories in key places.

I have put together some other ways to create flow in your home to attract buyers:

  • Lay the same carpet throughout each floor. For example, wood style flooring downstairs or grey or cream carpet upstairs.
  • Ensure the wall colours flow throughout too – neutral tones are best which could be teamed with well-placed contrasting accessories.
  • Clear obstructions such as pet beds, litter trays, feed bowls, vacuum cleaners and ironing boards to make sure that the viewing pathway is clear throughout your home, creating a free-flowing feel through the property.

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I look forward to your call.


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